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The Beauty Business- Cocoa Cosmetics is the perfect brand and beauty business that creates high quality, affordable and handmade skin care. Our mission is to provide our Cocoa Babes Customers with products that will ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin "For Your Radiance" while changing society's standards of beauty one step at a time. All products are vegan and cruelty-free which are suitable for all skin tones, types and textures. Reveal your radiance by shopping with us!

The Brand- As a brand, behind the scenes we hold the opportunity to create “come one-come all” modeling and ambassador opportunities for POC throughout the United States while raising awareness for the lack of inclusiveness and equality in the cosmetic modeling industry today. We are committed to changing society’s standards of beauty one step at a time. 

Donations- Each month, 10% of our profit from your purchases will proceed to a small business, educational institution or organization! Blog posts will be submitted on the main page at the end of each month for a raffle in which one chosen for a donation of funds from Cocoa Cosmetics.

Cocoa Babe Appreciation- Large events and gatherings for all Cocoa Cosmetics supporters are held semiannually. Stay in tune with us on social media in order to catch dates, tickets and flyers.

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Meet the Founder & CEO, Riya Michelle!

Hey Cocoa Babe!

Born and raised in Trenton, NJ, there weren't many opportunity’s for a young entrepreneur with many talents like myself. Entering my tween years, my family and I relocated to Buffalo, NY in hopes of a new start at life. My creativity and free-flowing mind has given me multiple on-hand advanced entrepreneurial courses which is where my big idea began to flourish. With the help of my mother and sister, at the age of 13 I held my first photoshoot during fall of 2016 at Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY. I’ve always gotten so many compliments on the outstanding nature of my skin and while showcasing that, I’ve decided to create and inspire others through healthy skin and photography as well. Being aware of  society’s beauty standards, I’ve always wanted to change the way the world sees beauty one step at a time! At the age of 16 I started my own business ‘Cocoa Cosmetics For Your Radiance’ with the support of family and friends. Currently at the age of 17 I have a storefront, over a thousand followers on our Instagram business page, 50+ ambassadors and viral Cocoa Babes on all social media outlets! It only gets bigger from here. I hope to inspire you to always seek your passion and let your creativity flow, wherever it takes you is where you should go! Put God first in all that you do, he will guide you & let you see it through! 

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